Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts

Obtaining a replacement part to the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan doesn’t need to be a job. We’ll attempt to assist you as far as possible to discover the replacement part that you require. The very first step concerning acquiring a replacement is understanding the part of your current component that you need replaced. In case you still have the documentation which came with the fan, consider having a look inside to see whether there’s a parts list which may be used.

An additional way to locate the part you require is to telephone Lowe’s customer service. Harbor Breeze, being the home manufacturer of Lowe’s is encouraged by them. You are able to take the broken or damaged part to a regional Lowe’s and see if they can allow you to obtain a replacement. The part might have to be ordered and might not be easily available at the shop .

When requesting a question online and searching for a substitute Harbor Breeze part, it is important that you be aware of the make and version of the fan. The component number is always great, but if you do not have that, have a peek at the face of the box to find out the make and version of the fan.

For those who know the model and make of the fan, Lowe’s customer service ought to have the ability to provide help. You may also try submitting online to many different online communities. It is possible to post to this website, and we are going to try to answer your query.

Also on the internet you’ll discover a part repositories, where you are able to buy a replacement component and get it sent out to your speech. Amazon carries several pieces. Home Depot also includes many components that are helpful.

Common Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts:

  • Light Kits
  • Ceiling fan blades – warped blades, bent blades
  • Motor replacement — In case the ceiling fan is making sounds, such as humming noises. If your lover is wobbling it might be making sound for this purpose too.
  • End caps
  • Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remotes
  • Wall controls
  • Globes and colors
  • Mounting hardware

Harbor Breeze Light Kits

An light kit is a superb addition to any present ceiling fan. It adds on another purpose of the fan. Most Harbor Breeze ceiling fans boat with light fixtures, nevertheless if your lover doesn’t have you first must check — is that the fan light kit adaptable? It might frequently say in the documentation of your lover. If the lover is light kit adaptable, you can buy a light kit to add on an present ceiling fan. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans aren’t too costly, and usually offered. Consequently, if you can not locate the ideal lighting kit to go with your lover, or not positive if you are able to mount a light kit using it, then you can always replace the fan.

Harbor Breeze Light Kits generally support dimming alternatives, and you’re able to use a universal Harbor Breeze remote to restrain the mild kit along with the ceiling fan. Having two remotes are a pain. Should you find yourself in such a circumstance, consider buying a remote. Harbor Breeze universal remotes must be compatible with many Harbor Breeze fans.

Harbor Breeze Capacitors

Harbor Breeze Capacitor
The capacitor controls the motion rate of this Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. If broken or not functioning correctly, a telltale sign is that the fan Won’t move properly
Or not proceed in any way. The capacitor isn’t tough to replace.

If substituting the capacitor of your Harbor Breeze fan, be sure to understand what the make and version of your lover is. In doing this, you also must check the capacitor works with your model and make.

Harbor Breeze Replacement Motor

Should you have to replace the engine on your lover, you could have a little bit of trouble. Fixing the engine is easily the toughest region of the enthusiast to substitute. You need to explore all other options before you choose to replace the engine in your own fan. It can be a simpler choice to just replace the whole fan.

Harbor Breeze Motor Screws
Harbor Breeze Motor Screws are needed to mount the motor.
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