Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Wiring

Are you currently having a problem with your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan? The question You’re having could some of these:

  • You’re installing a Harbor Breeze fan and Require help Using All the wiring and Setup
  • You Need to fix a buff That’s no longer functioning correctly, and you think there to be a wiring problem
  • You Need to uninstall a ceiling fan
  • There was lately a power surge and the fan is no longer functioning correctly (that may or Might Not Be a wiring issue )

If you’re likely to select the fan apart because of a wiring issue, then we urge to also have a multi meter available. A multi meter is helpful to ascertain where there’s a break in the circuit. Quite often, It’ll Be impossible to

From this fan box:

  • You will have a hot cable, this is generally black. Hot means that it’s a current running through it.
  • There’s a neutral wire Which Might Be white



  • A ground wire That Could be yellowish, black or brown


  • A switched-hot that might be red.

The cables running in the box at the ceiling have to get matched up with the two green wires, and earth cables coming out of the fan have to be spliced into the bare ground cable.

Blue wires would be to encourage future inclusion of a mild.
You are able to cop both ends in cable nuts or perhaps even employing these endings.

Connect the black to the fan into the crimson from the ceiling,
Blue on the enthusiast to the black out of the ceiling,
if black black docent operate, can attempt linking black to reddish.

Connect the green , white .

Hot cable black
unbiased cable white
floor cable aluminum
switched-hot reddish

Hot lead to the engine,
Hot lead to the light which isn’t there black and blue

Harbor Breeze Wiring Schematic
Here’s an example of a Harbor Breeze wiring schematic.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or comment to include your schematic or Harbor Breeze wiring diagram!

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